How To Get A Date Using Game Of Thrones Pick-Up Lines


What is Jon Snow’s bakery called?

You know muffins, Jon Snow.

Okay, we’re on the same nerdy level I hope, good.

Hello my fellow Game Of Thrones fans! D’you ever feel like pick-up lines don’t have enough themes? WELL, here we have ten brilliant Game Of Thrones lines you can use to pick up anyone you want… who watches Game Of Thrones… Well, you wouldn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t get these anyway, amirite? So, brace yourself – the pick-up lines are coming, and pro tip: don’t try to use The Red Wedding in any.

01 - orHBvhD
02 - huYEFIz
03 - jPdH9r6
04 - 1tJPjjO
05 - 6OSd1LQ
06 - 1qEoS4B
07 - YG6awIZ
08 - fXy9GPD
09 - hZ8u5ac
10 - ZMED9Md

Yeah baby, Hodor.

Game Of Thrones Pick-Up Lines

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