How to Attract Quality Relationship Partners


Every soul needs a partner to go through life’s journey. It’s much easier to go through the bumps and shakes of the trip with someone by your side. Someone who can understand, someone who will listen to your woes and aspirations.

We all know — the world is not made of cotton candies and milkshakes. A lot of times, trials will come unannounced to kick you out of the road; however, with a quality partner, you can quickly hit the obstacles with your bumper out of the way.

That said, the ability to wade through the countless candidates and attract the best ones is a highly valuable skill. I got a goody here from Let Steve Pavlina guide you through the process. I know you’ll take home tricks you can use to catch the lifetime partner you’ve been waiting for all this time.

Go… light up the candle, grab a tall glass of your favorite drink, and turn on your player. Here’s the guide…

To attract a happy relationship, define what you want in a partner, tell the whole world, and then filter and select for matches.

It’s important not to waste too much time dealing with partial matches. Once someone has shared something about themselves that’s a mismatch for what you want, let go and move on quickly. Don’t try to force a mismatch to look like a match.

So for example, if you desire a partner who’s vegan, geeky, and openly affectionate and you’re talking to someone who says…


“I love a good steak” … “You’ll dining alone then, Cruella.”

“I never kiss on the first date.” … “I never date anyone I haven’t kissed. Try — might be more your speed.”

“Star trek? I dunno, I’ve never seen it.” … “Then you’ve got some catching up to do. Come back — 1 year.”

If you can avoid getting bogged down with mismatches, you’ll prove to the universe that you’re ready for the good stuff. But if you settle for a partial match that isn’t what you actually want, the good stuff can’t get through, and so you’ll be stuck.

Life loves to throw partial matches your way to see if you’re strong enough to reject them and to hold out for a real match.

How to Attract Quality Relationship Partners | Steve Pavlina

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