All of us have hit on someone and failed. Come on, admit it! That’s normal. Not all people will like you, and you won’t like every person you’ll run into.

When meeting the opposite sex for the first time, have you ever felt like you’re showering with sweat, or you’ve uttered incomprehensible half sentences, or tried your best to tell a joke, but ended up being the joke yourself, you know how this little boy felt in the video. This just goes to show that no matter what age, male-female first time encounters are terrifying.

This video was posted by Redditor anintrovert with a “Me trying to talk to a girl” caption. An apt description to the thorniness of opposite-gender communication. With a little help from 2 cute kids, in less than 24 seconds he encapsulated the time immemorial issue.

Featured photo credit: kids’ conversation/robiniaynable via

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