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Why Giving Up Things Is The First Step To Reaching Your Dreams


If you have a dream in your head and you can’t go a day without thinking about it, why aren’t you doing anything to it? Is it because of what you’re facing now? Is it because what others think about it? Is it because you’re too scared to face something new?

Following your passion and pursuing your dream is never easy. It takes courage and sacrifice. You need to get out of your comfort zone and take risks. It could mean losing people and things you care about. It could mean hardships and painful experiences, and not everyone will understand and support what you do. But remember:

“Never give up what you want most for what you want today.” –  Neal A. Maxwell

Just go all the way and do it. There are things you just need to give up in order to achieve a bigger goal. You are the one who’s responsible for your life. The results’ all yours and you shouldn’t make yourself regret not achieving the things you want the most.


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