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If You Don't Think A Simple Act Of Kindness Can Make A Great Difference, This Will Change Your Thought


Sometimes, we doubt about the impact of a simple little thing we do. We don’t believe the little thing we do can make a great difference to anything or anyone. Therefore, we choose not to do it.

Donation to charities? Nope, how much difference it’s going to make for the poor when I’m just donating a hundred every year? Doing voluntary work? Nope, I’ll not be able to solve the problems the needy people have anyway, what’s the difference? Greeting my neighbors next door? Why should I care? I’m not living here forever anyway.

Indeed you really won’t know how much difference you can make with just a simple little act of kindness. The lady at the box office didn’t expect being polite and nice to a regular customer throughout the years would end up getting a cinema rebuilt; the regular customer might not expect his last will and testament would bring back hope to the box office lady’s life either.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

Why do you need to have a great reason to just do something kind or to make someone happy? Maybe, there’s only little difference you make after being kind to people, but if you never do anything kind, no difference will be made at all.

Starting today do something to make others happier, be it smiling at others or even telling a funny joke. Maybe eventually you’ll make yourself happier too, and making yourself happier is already a difference made!


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