I have a male friend who is fairly attractive, but was insecure around women. As a result, he tended to slouch over whenever he was around girls. His body language only made women ignore him, which further fueled his insecurities. One day I remarked that it took me a long time to realize how tall he was because he’s always hunched over.

While I only made the comment as a passing observation, he took it to heart and soon started working to stand up straight. As he started improving his posture, he started looking more confident and women started paying way more attention to him. Soon, he started to become more confident around them naturally.

While it’s well known that body language helps us communicate with those around us (often on an unconscious level), few of us recognize that our body language can also affect our own psychology. This article and the podcast at the bottom of the page, discusses bioenergetic analysis, meaning how your body language can affect your psychological character. When you start to recognize this, you can start to work on your body language to improve your mood and vice versa.

Original Source – Hulsestrength.com

The human body makes a lot of unconscious motions depending on the situation: Top 20 Body Language Indicators

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