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Creating The Perfect Solution For Your Client

Creating The Perfect Solution For Your Client

In all freelance work, even work that isn’t freelance, you may find yourself battling with your clients to get exactly what they want. The key to success in this case is feedback and communication.

These are 6 questions to keep asking by Jarkko Laine and are all equally important. When you properly understand what needs to be done, from the client’s point of view, far fewer hiccups will occur down the line.

Who are you doing the task for? This is crucial for answering the rest of the questions. It might well be that the first person who comes to talk to you about this new project won’t be the one who approves or disapproves the end product. Or even if he is, it might be that someone else will be using the product as well, and in that case that person’s needs should therefore not be ignored either. So, first find out who your customers and end users actually are, and whose work is affected by your product.

How to read your customer’s mind and create a perfect solution for him – [JarkkoLaine]

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