If you have managed to avoid sites like MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn until now, your time may be running out. Many companies are forcing their employees to create online profiles to be used on company Intranet sites. If you have never tried any of these social networking sites, the world of “profile creation” may be very new to you. The College Journal posted a list of seven tips to help you create a profile to be used at the workplace and to make that profile pop. The following is my favorite tip from the list:

Look the part.

Many profile formats have an option for posting photos, says business psychologist Wendy Alfus-Rothman, president of Wenroth Consulting, a leadership-development and executive-coaching firm in New York. “If you work for a company that expects people to post photos in their profiles, and most do, then you need to also,” she says. “You want to show that you understand the rules and that you play by them.”

Dress in professional attire for your photo, even if your typical work style is casual, adds Dr. Alfus-Rothman. One client posted a photo of himself on a company intranet and a business-networking site with a jacket hanging over his shoulder, razor stubble and a smirk. “He got more offers for dates than he did for business prospects,” she says. After replacing that photo with a more professional-looking one, he began connecting more with others about career opportunities, she says.

Seven Tips for Writing Online Profiles for Work – [The College Journal]

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