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Brainstorming Walls

Finding the right way to get ideas together, particularly amongst a group, can really impact results. Usually something large, easily viewed, and graphically versatile is best. Like a wall?

Turns out that brainstorming is an epigraphic activity — something best done on walls. Reading and writing on walls is a different function than reading a book. A broad wall-view is an ideal approach for collaborative design — multiple views in a single glance. Thus the tremendous interest in flip charts, graphic capture, doodling, giant post-its, whiteboards, and all the electronic equivalents of those. By far the cheapest and easiest epigraphic display is a large whiteboard. And when it comes to whiteboards, you can’t be too big.

Kevin Kelly has two suggestions for using whiteboards as brainstorming space. The cheap way, and the expensive way.

Marker Board Walls – [KevinKelly]

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