Believe It Or Not: 5 Minutes Is All You Need To Discover Your Life Purpose


The unexamined life is not worth living. Can you and me agree with that? However, if all you’re doing is examining, then you’re not living either.

So how do you find, or how can you discover the kind of life that is worth living? That is exactly what this featured TED talk will address. But prior to showing you the video, allow me to mention the fact that without purpose, you’ll be wandering like a lost soul. And you won’t like that, right?

Your true happiness is deeply attached to your life purpose; if you do not know why you’re here, you cannot be truly happy.

I want to help you, so now, I’ll let you listen to Adam Leipzig. He will tell you exactly how to discover your life purpose in just 5 minutes.

Featured photo credit: How to discover your life purpose in 5 minutes/...via YouTube

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