Become An Eloquent Speaker By Applying 3 Critical Secrets From The Most Successful TED Talks


There are specific ways to make a speech striking, memorable, and full of impact. We’ll tackle them here, but meantime, let’s put things down to basics. What are the distinguishing characteristics of a TED talk that rocks, anyway?

According to Carmine Gallo, author of the new book “Talk Like TED“, it’s a mix of three essential ingredients: One, making a strong emotional connection, two, creating fresh, or unfamiliar experience, and three, making the talk unforgettable.

Being a DJ/Newscaster and frequently invited to do sales presentations for Multi-Level Marketing companies, I have a solid experience in delivering speeches of many kinds. Basing on the talks I had the honor or giving, no matter what kind, the foundational principles that are enforced are the same. Just to emphasize the point, they are what I have mentioned in the second paragraph and you can learn more below.

Here are Gallo’s strategies in giving highly charged talks:

1. TELL THEM A STORY (It’s the best way to connect with people)

2. CREATE “EMOTIONALLY CHARGED EVENTS.” (To make it extremely different)

3. APPLY THE RULE OF THREES (To make the talk unforgettable)

Original Source: 3 Public Speaking Secrets From The Most Successful TED Talks by  via Business Insider

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