9 Things Happy People Do to De-stress


You have probably already realized that part of being happy is being relaxed and stress-free, but surely all those happy people have stress in their lives. So what are they doing to de-stress themselves?

Marc and Angel Hack Life has some insight into this question, along with some answers that just might help you de-stress in order to become happier. While you should certainly view the whole article to read about how to do these activities and why they can help you de-stress, we have the list of things happy people do to calm down right here:

  • Know what you’re trying to achieve and why
  • Do less by focusing on what’s important
  • Think progress, not perfection
  • Cleanse your heart every night
  • Purge untrue thoughts
  • Expect some stress, accept it, and let go of it
  • Be kind to your body
  • Do one nice thing for yourself every day
  • Simplify

Personally, I really need to work on the third thing, but I’m pretty de-stressed as is. What do you guys need to work on?

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