9 Rules for a Simpler Day


Longing for simpler days? Well, you could join a monestary or a hippie commune where life, or you could just focus on making your real life simplier on a day by day basis. If you aren’t ready to run away from society just yet, 9 rules for a simpler day can help you remove a little of the chaos from your every day existence. The basics of their rules involve:

  1. Knowing what’s important.
  2. Vizualizing the perfect day.
  3. Saying “no” to extra commitments
  4. Limiting your tasks.
  5. Carving out distraction-free time.
  6. Slowing down.
  7. Mindfully single-tasking.
  8. Batching smaller tasks and then letting go.
  9. Creating space between.

By following these easy rules on a daily basis, you’ll not only have simpler days, but you’ll have a less chaotic life and feel a lot less stress overall.

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