Do you still believe that you can’t be happy unless you get what you want or that success looks one particular way? Then you’ve got a lot to learn and while it’s fine to learn many things slowly, these types of common lies can actually hold you back from true happiness and self-fulfillment. The first step to unlearning these lies is to recognize that they are lies and Mark and Angel Hack Life has a great list of nine such lies that you need to forget before it’s too late. Aside from the two earlier, you should also realize that none of the following are true:

  • A busy day is a productive day.
  • To be brave is not to be afraid.
  • To be strong is to not feel pain.
  • Everyone around you is holding you back.
  • You are automatically entitled to certain things from others.
  • You will feel comfortable when the time is right.
  • It’s already too late.

If you still believe any of these lies, then head to the link to learn exactly why each of these is simply untrue.

If your hand went up, then we now know you’re a liar. If it didn’t go up then we know you’re an even bigger liar: Put Up Your Hand If You Ever Lie

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