8 Steps to Self-Confidence


If you’re not a confident person, you shouldn’t be. Confidence is very easy to fake, and the more you do, the easier it is to develop confidence for yourself in all areas of your life.

This article from iVillage, a women’s website from the UK, has a tip for 8 stages of self-confidence. They’re quite general but hold a lot of truth.

I’m confident in some areas, but feel unsure in others

If there’s one thing you can do with confidence, it’s being able to transfer it across to ‘nervous’ areas. So when you’re facing a new situation, imagine it’s one you’re familiar with. When you meet people you don’t know, imagine they are people you know and like.

If you know you can be self-assured about some things, you can imagine being selt-assured about everything.

The point about meeting new people is particularly true. It should be Rule #1 in the making friends book, although I will stress that you can take it overboard and appear like a freak.

8 Steps To Self-Confidence – [iVillage]

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