Just because you’re not a superhero or an action star doesn’t mean you aren’t making life-or-death decisions every day. In fat, you probably encounter these potentially life-threatening situations on a regular basis without even giving them a second thought.

Did you know 27 child fatalities were caused by child care providers in 2011? Or that almost 2 million Americans are victimized in workplace violence incidents every year -including 780 fatalities? You probably never considered that your child’s daycare provider or a co-worker could result in life-threatening situations, but these are real possibilities you need to be aware of.

As if those weren’t bad enough, other dangers you need to be aware of are potential crimes occurring in college dorms, handling Craigslist transactions and online dating situations. While you shouldn’t be paranoid about life-threatening situations while going about your daily routines, it is a good idea to keep attentive of your surroundings, even if you are in a place you normally feel safe.

life-threatening situations

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