Humankind invented language to facilitate communication. But, wait, before moving on, why don’t we define language in simple terms, first. Language is the system of communication we as intelligent beings have created to relate to fellow humans. We speak words to convey thoughts, and to express ideas we desire to explain.

Words are extremely important. This is the main reason we must be careful not to mispronounce them. To reiterate, pronouncing words correctly is crucial, even detrimental to have an effective communication.

In this short piece, you will encounter the words you probably are mispronouncing, and we will present to you how they are properly pronounced. That way, you can be sure, next time you say them, the one you’re speaking with will comprehend.

Let’s go have fun with those words you might be mispronouncing, shall we?

I happen to be married to a speech teacher so I’m sure the word Epitome is not pronounced e-pi-tome (with tome pronounced like home), the correct way to say it is… i-pi-tə-mē/ or simply epi-tuh-mi.

Don’t say (awe-riy) when you want to pronounce Awry. The right way is to say (ə-ˈrī) or to simplify things, say (uh-rai).

There are still 77 words many people mispronounce. Scroll down to check them.


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