6 Things to Ask Yourself Before Getting Married


You may be in love, but that doesn’t mean you should be ready to walk down the aisle together just yet. If you want to avoid future unhappiness and a nasty divorce, you really should ask yourself these six questions courtesy of Dumb Little Man before getting married:

  1. Are our life and career goals similar?
  2. Do we fulfill each other’s needs?
  3. Do we really know each other?
  4. Do we know how to deal with each other’s negative sides?
  5. Do we admire and respect each other?
  6. Am I ready to think of him/her as the parent of my children?

Obviously, not all of these questions will apply to all people. For example, an elderly couple with no children will not have to worry about #6 before getting married and if you don’t feel all that strongly about certain career goals that are dissimilar to your partner, then #1 won’t matter much. That being said, asking yourself all of these questions before getting married will give you a lot of insight about whether or not you can stay happily married together for years to come or if you might want to stay legally single for the time being.

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