6 Secrets to Help You Master the Art of Conversation


At work, school and home, conversation is key to developing good relationships. In fact, good conversation is a real art, particularly when it involves talking to different people in different social groups and settings. If you’re ready to improve your relationships, these communication secrets from Barking Up the Wrong Tree can help you improve your relationships with others and maybe even improve your life. A few of their suggestions include:

  • It’s not always appropriate to be yourself. Sure, you should be honest about who you are and how you feel in most situations, but not necessarily when applying for a job or talking to your child’s school principal.
  • Emphasize the similarities you have with those you’re talking to.
  • Get the other person to talk about what they are interested in. If you want to get a good conversation going, try getting the other person to discuss their passion and they’ll have plenty to say, meaning you won’t have to keep the discussion going.

6 Secrets That Will Help You Master Conversation Skills | Eric Barker

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