30sec Tip: What if You Forget Someone's Name


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When you forget someone’s name, say “What was your name again?” They’ll respond with their first name, albeit somewhat hurt that you forgot. Then emphatically reply, “No, no, your last name.” Much relieved, they’ll happily oblige. You now have their first and last name without insulting them. Works every time.

Have you ever met someone and within seconds completely forgotten their name?

(Haven’t we all.)

Remembering people’s names is crucial if you want to build strong relationships in life. And we all know strong relationships are one of the most important factors for a productive and successful life.

So why is it so difficult to remember someone’s name?

And what can we do to make sure we’re not left in an awkward situation where we utter those fatal words: “sorry – what was your name again?”

How to Remember People’s Names

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