after writing up an email

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After writing up an email, think many times before sending it. If in doubt, save it as a draft and sleep on it. You’ll be surprised at how many drafts of “brilliant” ideas you will accumulate.

Feel like a slave to your inbox? Improve your writing and you’ll save plenty of time by eliminating miscommunications and the need for follow-up. Email management productivity tips can only do so much if you don’t know how to write an effective email. That doesn’t mean you have to strive for lyrical prose in every message (though I always welcome lyrical prose in my inbox). The key is to communicate clearly and effectively so that recipients know exactly what they need to do in response and you can avoid endless back-and-forth and time-consuming misunderstandings. The following are some basic guidelines for writing more effective emails:

Do Your Emails Suck? How to Write Emails That Get Results

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