30 things that make up the life of a 30 year old guy on his birthday. That’s the theme tackled on this featured animation.

This series of GIF animation bravely divulges the insecurities and uncertainties of being 30, and not possessing well defined goals. As I was watching the video, I identified with some of the things mentioned, and got struck by the realization that at 30, people of different backgrounds, cultures, and sensibilities could, in fact, be experiencing the same things.

Fabricio Lima, the artist who created the animation admitted many of the negative traits he discovered about himself. He was also honest to say (in his blurb that came with the GIF on Vimeo) that on his 30th birthday, he was feeling weird and lost. I admire you, Fabricio–for being humble and honest. Most of all, I admire you for being bold in admitting your weaknesses. With the awareness of these discoveries, I assure you, you are getting closer to KNOW your true calling.

Featured photo credit: 30 things at 30/Fabrocio Lima via vimeo.com

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