3 Ways to Thrive as a Successful Introvert


I have met countless successful people who can speak up a storm in front of a big crowd, but once moved away from the spotlight, they turn into shy people ’cause they are, actually, introverts. You know why I’m privy to how things work-out in their lives? I am a certified self confessed introvert like them.

If you’re still reading, I urge you to continue. I have a strong nudge inside that you’re introverted, too. Besides, the strategies I will show you here come from a successful introvert: Josh Langley, an author and a cartoonist.

These are the 3 ways he continues to thrive as a successful introvert.

1. He uses email frequently. Josh says, “I have trouble with making the first contact with someone over the phone, so I always use email or social media at first, and that’s perfectly fine (it’s how I got my first book contract)!” He further explains–he searches Facebook pages of publishers to look for their email addresses if he can’t get the info somewhere else.

2. He slips into “another character” every time he goes for an interview. This is how he describes this tactic: “When I interview or make a public appearance, I’m not ‘Josh, the shy guy’, but instead this crazy, confident guy who wants to investigate the afterlife. I still get knots in my stomach beforehand, but once I’m on, the character takes over and I play the part confidently and actually enjoy the experience.”


3. He has acquired a positive self-talk on how he presents his work and himself to the world. He clarified this by saying, “I used to tell people (and believe) that writing books doesn’t make money. But I know that’s not true, as I have made money from my books. So now I’ve changed my mantra to, ‘Writing books and doing what I love, makes me money and makes me happy.’ ”

Original Source: 3 Ways I Learned To Thrive As An Introvert by Josh Langley via Mind Body Green

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