Everyone wants to add some cheer to their lives, right? Alexandra Duron at Greatist compiled a list of the best ways to make yourself feel happier today, and to make that happiness last long term. Here are a few of the highlights.

  • Incorporate more of the color yellow into your life. Most people associate the color with a happy disposition, and those deep-seated associations can be incredibly powerful. Consider adding something yellow, such as a picture frame or maybe a bouquet of flowers, to your work space to get a mood boost.
  • Exercise! Whether you hit the gym for the elliptical, practice yoga in your living room, or go for a run at the park, getting active will increase your endorphins, sending a happiness rush to your brain. People who exercise regularly experience long term benefits to their moods.
  • Find a fun new hobby. Your brain enjoys a good challenge from time to time, and if you work in an office it’s easy to sometimes get bogged down and feel like your life is just a routine. Challenging yourself to accomplish something you’ve never done before will give you something to look forward to!

Check out the full list here.

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