Myths about sex have been going around for centuries; after all, it is one of the certainties of human existence. Some of the misconceptions and hoaxes that Dr. Aaron Carroll debunks in this episode of Mental Floss have been perpetuated for several generations by our elders and even high school sex-ed classes!

One of the biggest misconceptions that Dr. Carroll uncovers in this video is that blondes do not necessarily “have more fun,” and that gentlemen do not always prefer them. According to Dr. Carroll, blondes are considered more desirable in areas where blonde hair is less common, but in locations where there are plenty of blondes to be found, the results are less clear. He also says that women with blonde hair, on average, have the same amount of sexual partners as women with other hair colors.

He also says that taking birth control pills does not guarantee that a woman will gain weight. In the past, these pills were made with higher levels of estrogen and progesterone, hormones that are known to make women’s weight increase. Today, though, there are significantly lower levels of these hormones, which lessens the likelihood that birth control will affect your waistline.

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