People always seem to be looking for happiness by reading quotes and articles about it. If you’re one of them, you must have seen this quote or something similar to this:

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”

But how many of you have really got its meaning and started living out happiness?

Here’re 18 things happy people never do, but don’t just read and blindly follow everything mentioned here. You should learn about them and move on with your life and lead your own pursuit of happiness.

1. They never mind what other people think of them.

think about you

2. They don’t need others’ compliments to proof their achievements.

dont care

3. They don’t rely on other people or materialistic stuff for happiness.


4. They don’t hold on to their past.

past behind

5. They never magnify the bad things in people.


6. They don’t think crying is bad.


7. They never lie about their feelings to anyone including themselves.

be me

8. They never need to be the center of attention.


9. They don’t compare themselves to others.


10. They aren’t afraid to lose.

not afraid to lose

11. They don’t immerse themselves in a depressing atmosphere.


12. They don’t expect too much from external stuff.


13. They don’t mind things are not in their control.

let go

14. They don’t think they seem to lack anything.


15. They don’t think smiling or laughing is a sign of not being serious.


16. They never take things for granted.


17. They don’t mind sharing what they have with others.


18. They don’t worry too much about the future.


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