While it may seem like just yesterday that we were all getting dial-up connections installed, the internet has been around to produce a language of its own. The slang involved on the internet can sometimes be vulgar, as with anything else, but most often is simply practical. Here are a few of the terms you may use every single day, but don’t realize are a product of the internet.

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LOL – “laughing out loud”
SMH – “shaking my head”
TBH – “to be honest”
BTW – “by the way”
NP – “no problem”
ROTF – “rolling on the floor (laughing)”
LMAO – “laughing my ass off”
AWK – “awkward”
IRL – “in real life”
YOLO – “you only life once” (much despised by your author)
KK – “okay”
FOMO/JOMO: “Fear of Missing Out” and “Joy of Missing Out.”

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