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12 Free holiday gifts they'll never forget

It’s the holiday season – the time of year we imagine as full of so many possibilities for joy and gift giving. All too often, though, the holidays aren’t a wonderful experience. When families come together, or there’s no family and friends to be with, the holidays can become a time of anxiety and dread. It’s easy, if you’re envisioning a less than desirable experience ahead of you, to sink into sadness at the prospect of dealing with a difficult situation that’s out of your control.

One alternative any of us can pursue, whether the holidays fill us full of excitement or angst, is to focus on being a joyful, generous giver!

Don’t worry though; what follows isn’t a prescription for spending more money!

Instead, none of these twelve holiday gift ideas cost any money at all. All they cost is the commitment and the effort to do something special that will be remembered years longer than a cheapo gift grabbed from a holiday present ideas end cap at a big box retailer.

This holiday, how about…..?

  • Encouraging someone to embrace greater aspirations than they are pursuing.
  • Protecting someone’s well-being by helping them, however you can.
  • Complimenting another for a talent they don’t even realize they possess.
  • Complementing a friend by sharing your talents to offset one of their weaknesses.
  • Erasing a debt someone owes you.
  • Repairing a relationship which has been strained for too long.
  • Becoming a peaceful, calming influence in an emotionally charged situation.
  • Discovering what’s really important in the life of someone close to you.
  • Tackling a chore or to-do that someone important to you is struggling to accomplish.
  • Refreshing the energy you have to share with others by unplugging from your self-imposed responsibilities this holiday season.
  • Reading something positive and motivating you wouldn’t typically read in your daily routine.
  • Listing all the blessings you’ve received this year and sharing them with others.

You certainly don’t have to do all of these, but trying even one or two will make the holidays more fulfilling for yourself and everyone around you!

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