With the advent of the Internet, globalization has turned the world into a smaller community. Consequently, it’s hard to imagine that some words are untranslatable to English and other famous languages.

In my own point of view, being a member of humankind, and based on accepted scientific findings, I believe that we are the only creatures on earth who have developed a system of communication popularly known as language. We relate with one another using words. Not to forget, hand gestures, subtle body language and facial expressions can spice up a friendly banter.

However, since we are separated by countless geographical boundaries, cultures around the world tend to have their own individual launguages. Despite this, with the help of the Wordwide Web, mankind, at a certain level, have cracked the walls of different civilizations raised by geography, different beliefs, and ideologies forever.

With that bit of background why we have different languages, I can now express my curiousity. Its quite unbelievable that there are untranslatable words from other cultures. Our featured infographic presents 11 of them. Let’s quench our thirst for curiousity and knowledge by going through it today, shall we? Perhaps if we have more time, we can memorize one or two.


Some of them aren’t completely our fault because the incorrect way of saying them has actually become the “norm”. 25 Common Phrases That You’re Saying Wrong

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