The Great Slang Debate: 107 Regional Slang Words To Know


Do you say pop or soda?

Ah yes, the timeless regional slang debate that can quickly turn a friend into a foe. Or, at least have us wondering what the heck that guy was talking about when he said he wears a toboggan on his head.

For the record, southerners wear a toboggan (aka knit cap) on their head, while our friends up north ride on a toboggan (aka sled) in the snow.

Unlike politics and religion, we’re free to argue over pronunciations and local dialect in mixed company. And, most of us do. That’s because, depending on where we were raised, our pronunciation and even definition of certain words can differ drastically.

For instance, is it Jimmies or sprinkles, cellar or basement? That depends on who you ask.

Have you ever played on a teedle board? How about a tilt? If you’ve ever been on a seesaw the answer to both questions is yes. They’re all the same thing; a teeter totter.

Wow that’s confusing!

Thankfully, a new video from the team over at Mental Floss is helping to make sense of the great slang debate.

107 Regional Slang Words | Mental Floss

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