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101 Common Sense Rules For Managers

101 Common Sense Rules For Managers

The InsideCRM guys posted this managerial cheat-sheet today for anyone in a leadership roll. Thankfully they’ve also split all 101 into categories.

Meeting Deadlines

No one will be happy if your team has to rush around at the last minute to complete a project. Follow these tips to make deadlines less stressful for everyone.

  • 11. Only promise what you can realistically deliver. Don’t create deadlines that you know you can’t meet. By only promising what you know you can do, you’ll be able to finish on time.
  • 12. Set clear goals. Once you know what you need to accomplish, it helps to know how and when you want to do it. Put your goals down on paper and make sure everyone on your team gets a copy.
  • There is no question the key to a successful team is good leadership. Could we possibly add to this exhaustive list?

    The Manager’s Cheat Sheet: 101 Common-Sense Rules for Leaders – [InsideCRM]

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