100 Questions for Better Conversations



Have you ever been at a party or on a blind date only to find yourself with nothing to say?

It’s an awkward feeling; still no one is stepping up to ride the room of silence.

Thankfully, you’ll never have to experience that situation again. Next time, all you’ll have to do is ask a question. And, thanks to One Hundred Questions, you’ll have plenty of material to work with.


The fine folks at The School of Life have created One Hundred Questions as a kind of conversation starter-kit. If you’re looking for an engaging or entertaining conversation, all you have to do is ask a question. With topics that span from work to travel, and death to sex, these cards will ease you into dialogue that will last all night. Or, they’ll prevent you from wasting your time, revealing relationship deal-breakers right off the bat.

Topics include:

  • Personality & Emotions
  • Sex & Relationships
  • Family & Friendship
  • Work & Money
  • Travel, Culture & Taste
  • Life & Death

One Hundred Questions | School of Life

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