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10 Extraordinary Ways to Inspire, Motivate, and Encourage Young Writers

I believe what Jose Rizal (National hero of the Philippines) once told his countrymen–“The youth is the hope of our future”. And since I’m a writer, I want to inspire young writers to write and fall in love with this craft.

Here are 10 ways to inspire them to write:

#1. Reading can help you promote writing. Draft an article containing a reading list which parents can promote to their kids. For each book, attach a short summary of the plot and how the particular book can help young readers.

#2. Write a review about a children’s or young adult book then encourage them to write one of their own.

#3. Give them tips and preventive tools to address writer’s block and how to overcome writing anxiety.

#4. Build their confidence by pointing out that writing is fun, rewarding, and not at all scary.

#5. Encourage them to journal every day, showing them its benefits.

#6. Write a chain story. This is a fun way to encourage a collaborative-writing strategy. Scribble the first events of a story. Pass it on instructing one to write a sentence or two that will move your story forward then pass it on to the next writer, and so on, till it comes back to you.

#7. Encourage your mentees to indulge in the art of letter writing.

Read 3 more ways on the original source: 10 Ways to Inspire, Motivate, and Encourage a Young Writer by Vanessa, Editorial Manager via EzineArticles Blog.

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