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Food and Drink

Food Storage: Save Money and the Environment

Each and every day, food is being thrown away. Food that could have been otherwise eaten if it had been stored properly.

Throwing food away is not only damaging your bank account, but it’s also having a detrimental effect on the environment – all because we’re not storing or looking after our food properly.

Well, enough is enough. This infographic from Self Storage Finders has looked into what we can do to store our food properly and ultimately save food, money and the world.

As a starting point, fruit and vegetables should be kept away from raw meat and dairy products. If they’re kept together, bacterial contamination can happen – which will also make for a lousy stomachache.

Another tip is to always use the upper part of the fridge for prepared foods or leftovers that don’t require any cooking to be safe to eat. Meanwhile, raw ingredients should be kept on the lower part of the fridge.

How many of these tips and suggestions do you follow? See how you get on with the ideas in the infographic below and see just how much food and money you can save for yourself!

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