Why You Should Allow Your Kids To Go Camping


Camping for kids could be a great experience for every child and their parents. Aside from the sense of adventure they will experience, camping will also teach them responsibilities by participating in things, like tree planting and other team building activities. Once you decide summer camp can be an option for your son(s) or daughter(s), you should start to arrange for whatever camping program you think they should join.

The act of facilitating the kind of summer camp your child will be a part of allows you to pick the best camp that meets your child’s needs. Regardless if you decide to enroll your child in summer camp, day camp, or overnight camp – most camp programs send you a welcome packet that includes a list of things to pack and other important things to note. Just in case you want your child to be fully prepared, below are great tips for determining the camping needs of your kids.

What To Pack For Sleepaway Camp

For sleepaway camping programs, the same fundamental packing list as the daycamp essentials is required, but with lots of additions. To begin with, you will have to understand how long camping lasts and whether your children might have the opportunity to do laundry. Otherwise, pack two times the number of undergarments and socks while considering the length of time will be spent at camp. For additional clothing items, include more t-shirts and shorts for everyday camping, a couple of sweatshirts to protect your child from the chill or mosquitoes that come with summer nights, athletic shoes, two pairs of pants, two sets of pajamas, and a good amount of swimsuits.


Also keep toiletries in mind, like toothpaste, a toothbrush, shampoo, a comb along with a hairbrush, and soap. Also include a minimum of two towels. Pack the items along with a plastic bag or caddy sot hat it is easy to carry back and forth from the shower. Other things you might want to include are a pillow, mattress linens, a sleeping bag, and a blanket. As a precaution, also pack a flashlight with extra batteries.

What To Pack For Day Camp

For day camps, you should include items like, swimming gear, a bathing suit, towels, sunblock, and swimming footwear. Include a hat on the list for additional sun protection, bottles filled with drinking water, sandals, an additional change of clothing, and perhaps a lightweight rain slicker and sweatshirt as well. With these packing precautions, you will prepare your child for just about any activity or weather.


If your child has medication they need to take or if they have allergies, it is important to make sure that camp nurse is aware of it. Take things a step further by making sure that the camp nurse has medication and prescriptions for your child on-hand in the case of emergencies, as well as to make sure that your child takes doses of their medication whenever they are scheduled to.


Several summer camp programs have lunch and snacks offered, but some don’t. When they don’t, you have to pack for lunch and snacks every single day within an insulated lunch bag. For the snacks, avoid having to pack peanut butter, nuts, and chocolates as snacks like these are typical allergy triggers for children and chocolate can melt. You should also have snacks handy so that your child can reach in their bag whenever they need them.



Most camps will not allow cellphones or personal electronic games, so check and make sure that recreational items you include in your child’s luggage follow the camping program’s rules and restrictions. To be on the safe side, toss in some books or puzzles for your child during downtime and rainy days. You should also label everything with your child’s names or initials. A waterproof marker or fabric labels work nicely too.

Instead of letting your kids sit in front of the screen playing video games or binging on cartoons all summer long, why not expose them to a fun-filled and real life experience with nature? With some planning, your child’s camp experience can be a great one!

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