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5 Simple Things You Can Do At Home To Check If Your Spine Is Misaligned

Lots of people go through their lives without thinking about their posture and spine. They often experience back ache, headaches, a sore neck and back and joint pain, but they simply accept them as a part of life, or they use painkillers to reduce the pain.

This is because most people assume that spine misalignment is caused by a sudden accident or injury. This isn’t true, and gradual misalignments can cause serious health problems if they are ignored, such as Sciatica and heart and liver problems.

1. Check The Length Of Your Legs

Normally both legs are the same length; if your legs are different lengths it could be a sign of dysfunction in the pelvis or lumbar spine. If the lumbar and sacroiliac joints are not working properly, one leg can appear up to an inch shorter than the other. This can be reversed with correction of the spinal alignment.

“Check the length of your legs to see if your spine is misaligned”

2. Use Two Scales To Weigh Yourself

You can use two weighing scales to find out if the weight in your body is disturbed evenly; simply put two scales side by side and put one foot on each scale. If one scale is heavier it could mean that you have a misaligned spine.

3. Look At Your Posture In The Mirror

One of the easiest ways to see if your spine is misaligned is to look at your posture in the mirror. Stand up against a full length mirror and make a mark where your shoulders, elbows and hips are. Step away from the mirror and see if one hip or shoulder mark is higher than the other; if it is it is likely that that your spine is misaligned (or that you weren’t standing straight enough!)

“Check your posture in the mirror to see if your spine is misaligned”

4. Check Inside Your Shoes

Have a look inside a pair of shoes that you wear regularly; is one heel worn down in the side of the shoe, rather than in the middle? This can be caused by spine misalignment, as your body compensates for the extra pressure on one side of your body by placing the pressure on your heel.

5. Move and Rotate Your Head And Back

Stand up and slowly roll your head around, followed by your back. If you find that it is difficult to move in one direction it could indicate that you have some kind of dysfunction in the spine, such as the vertebrae not being fully aligned. You can also practise rolling your head and back to keep the spine healthy, but this is not recommended if you already have a misaligned spine.

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