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6 Ways to Prepare for Car Accidents Before They Occur

Accidents are inevitable and can happen anytime and anywhere. We drive almost each day, worry free, and every day we come across the car accidents in the news or in real. Although we are aware of the risks that come with driving a car, we don’t seem to be bothered by them as mostly we aren’t the one’s suffering. We value each life and maybe more of our readers, and today we are telling you the 6 Ways to Prepare for Car Accidents Before They Occur.

The instructions are clear and obvious, but they are something we usually tend to ignore as we become experienced drivers. We just want you to read these so the next time you drive; they come flashing in your head so that you can follow them.

Check your car before you drive

When you learn driving, the first thing that every instructor tells you is to check the vehicle properly before taking it out for a drive. People might throw a laugh at you for being so cautious every time, but your safety shouldn’t be compromised by someone making fun of you. Make a habit of quickly having a glance for any leaks, and working of the tail lamps, headlights, and the parking lights. Check the rear view and the window for the clear visibility along with the wipers working. Remember that it is also important that you have the government offices phone numbers to find support and assessors in case you need them.

Keep it slow

You might become one of those who makes it to the destination just in time, but that won’t be a problem as long as you are safe. Driving slow doesn’t completely keep you away from the accidents, but it gives you enough time to react in case of a potential accident. You are more in control of your car when it is being driven slow rather than when it is blazing through the roads. The severity of an accident would also be less for a slow vehicle getting into one, rather than a car trying to blaze through the road.

Keep both the hands on the steering wheel

We know that it is probably too old school for you, but both of your hands, while you are driving, are supposed to be over the steering wheel. There are no other tasks that should be occupying you, and you can deal with looking ‘less cool’ while driving with both hands, as it is not cool enough to risk your safety. Having both the hands on the wheel gives you a better grip and control over it which makes you drive better.

No distractions, please!

Driving is fun, enjoy it! Don’t let other distractions kill the fun. Your texts can wait to be answered till you drive. There is no status or tweet which would destruct itself before you get out of the car. Make sure to take the calls only after stopping the car and not while driving it. And distractions are not just inside the car, but they could be outside too. There might be some eye-catching things on the road, or probably our male readers can relate when they see some cute girl on whom they want to keep their eyes on, but that all can wait while you drive. When you drive, the thing that you do is to DRIVE only. Another piece of distraction that people usually find themselves with is eating. We wouldn’t ask you not to eat, as driving while being hungry will keep you distracted too, but make sure you eat when you are not driving the car. Make it a habit of eating when your car is stopped or when you are not the driver.

Drinking and driving do not go along

We could have listed it in our ‘No distractions, please!’ column, but we believe this point deserves some extra space. Alcohol is a big NOPE while driving. We can type in the number of cases that come up daily related to drinking and driving, but we believe that you already know how bad it can be. People lose their lives almost each day because of driving right after boozing in the party. You don’t have any control over you when you are drunk, forget about controlling a car. When you drive after drinking, then you not only risk your life but also the passengers with you, along with everyone else on the road. Drunk driving is an obvious invitation to the accidents, and you should totally refrain from it. When you find yourself in the situations that you have to drive but your friends somehow get you into drinking, the best option would be to ask a friend who hasn’t been drinking to take you home or probably ask for a private transportation service to take you home and get your car back to yourself the next day. Your life is precious and losing it over driving after having alcohol would be disrespecting it.

Get yourself an attorney

Preparing for car accidents doesn’t only mean avoiding them, but also planning how to deal with them if you get yourself in one. Having an attorney by your side during insurance claims or court hearings could save you from a lot of work and loss. Car accident lawyers are professionals, and they know how to get your claims from the insurance companies. If the accidents are severe and you cannot get yourself go through all the procedures, then the lawyers find the best solutions for you and do all the work for you, from filling up the forms to providing your stand. They even make sure that you get maximum compensation and do not get cheated by the insurance companies, who try to save their money by cutting down your claims. Lawyers not only help you when you suffer a loss, but they are also backing you when you are found to be at fault, wrongly or rightly. They make sure to minimize the penalties that you may be charged for wrong reasons, and they put up your stand in front of the jury during the hearings. They try to get the issues settled for you by talking to the other party too.

These are the suggestions that we would advise you to use before driving and keep yourself on the road. Always keep your safety ahead of everything while driving. Happy Driving!

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