When you have agitated thoughts about anything, it spikes up the stress hormone, cortisol. Walking is a way to calm down and lower your cortisol levels. However, walking alone is not enough to calm down much. That is, unless you transform your walk into a meditation practice.

The Quiet Power Of Walking Meditation

As you walk, appreciate what is happening around you; drink in the sights, sounds, and colors. Appreciate the coordination of your arms and legs.  Also, become aware of what it’s like to lift your foot up and set it down with each step. Notice the gentle pressure you feel in your heels and toes with each step. Pay attention to the sensation of your clothes touching your body.

It’s easy to practice this walking meditation. You can even use this on-the-go meditation instead of rushing around at work. By changing your focus from inner turmoil to your senses, you will calm down because you will begin to feel grounded in the present moment.