7 Things You Should Know For Your Next Trip To Vegas Casinos


Vegas is one of the hottest cities in the US. With millions of tourists visiting each year, the city makes it on almost every list of places to visit before you die. Known for its casinos, the Sin City has a lot to offer. Let’s have a look at seven things you should know next time you hit Vegas so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

1. Pay Attention To The Time

Have you ever noticed that when you frequent a land-based casino, there is a conspicuous absence of clocks on the walls? This is true of many of the restaurants, walkways, stores, theaters, and other entertainment venues located within the casino itself. The reason for this is simple: If you know what time it is, you may be dissuaded from playing casino games in favor of doing other routine activities. It’s much easier to gamble through breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime if you don’t know that you’re missing all those “routine” activities. There is method to this madness: The fun never ends if there is no way to measure the time at all!  Be mindful of this and take the time-watching into your own hands.

2. Remember Where You Are

If you visit a traditional casino in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, Macau, or even The Lost City, you will notice that you oftentimes feel disoriented. It’s not simply your new surroundings that have you confused; casinos are intentionally designed in such a way as to overwhelm your senses. That feeling of disorientation, discombobulation, or displacement is essential to drawing you deeper into the heart of the casino so that you can try out as many different games as possible. It is not uncommon to see people at a casino wandering around aimlessly, unable to find their party, the elevators, or their rooms. You may even get the feeling that you’re chasing your own tail in a casino until you find landmarks to guide yourself.


3. Find The Cheaper Food Away From The Center Of Casino Action

Once you get started at your favorite casino haunt, you will quickly find yourself working up an incredible appetite. Perhaps it is the jingling-jangling sound of the slots games, the mesmerizing display of lights, or even the sophisticated casino dealers in all their professionalism. In any event, you are definitely going to work up an appetite. While you’re in the heart of the casino, on the casino floor, you will notice that there aren’t many fast food outlets around you. They are all inconveniently located away from the pulsing action — for good reason. The restaurants offering silver service and three-course meals are located in the heart of the casino, while the fast food is upstairs or quite some distance away. This is the general rule, but if you’re lucky you may just hit paydirt at your chosen casino with some good old greasy food close at hand!

4. Know About Roulette Hot Spots

If you’re scratching your head in confusion, that’s a good thing. The fact of the matter is that very few people know about roulette hot spots. In the good old days, hot spots on roulette wheels were simply areas, perhaps quadrants, on the wheel which came up more frequently as a result of biased wheels. It was fairly easy to calculate the likelihood that a specific quadrant on a roulette wheel would come up — repetitive spins typically result in probabilities which show a skewed advantage towards a certain grouping of numbers.


Nowadays, biased roulette wheels are few and far between. If you truly had the time and patience to watch a roulette wheel spinning over thousands of sessions, documenting outcomes and then collating information, you may be fortunate enough to understand the concept of hot spots. Hot numbers come up with increasing frequency over thousands of spins. Clear patterns emerge, making it worth your while to place wagers on numbers that come up more frequently than other numbers. By allocating more of your wagers to these hot numbers, you are increasing the likelihood that you will walk away a winner. Again, it takes lots of reading and understanding of probability analysis, but there is definitely something in it for the serious roulette player. 

5. Use Membership Benefit Cards

Chances are you may be going to Las Vegas on your maiden voyage and be blissfully unaware that you stand to receive many benefits from signing up for loyalty rewards programs that the casino offers. For example, programs like MLIFE offer incredible benefits to all real-money casino players and guests of the hotel. While you’re staying at the Luxor, the MGM Grand, the Excalibur, New York New York, Mandalay Bay, or any of the others in the chain, you will be handsomely rewarded with valuable points every time you use your membership card for things like hotel reservations, shows, in-store purchases, gambling activity, and so forth. It costs you nothing to get the card and the rewards are truly out of this world. Programs like MLIFE offer things like dedicated reservation lines, personalized offers, express comps for your slot play, holiday gift shop points, extended expiration of points, invitations to events and tournaments, etc. If it’s being offered to you, you should grab it with both hands!


6. Know That There Are Payout Differences Between Casino Games

You will never be told which games have the highest payout rates and which games have the lowest payout rates. You are either assumed to have perfect knowledge or no knowledge at all — both of these possibilities simply won’t cut it. When you play casino games, you should know that the games with the lowest house edge are those which are skill-based, such as video poker, blackjack, and Texas Hold’em poker. Any game that gives the player a statistical sniff at gaining the upper hand will automatically lower the house edge. Slots games, for example, are the worst paying games for players besides Pachinko, since they are purely chance-based outcomes. That’s definitely food for thought, and not something that will be openly advertised at any Las Vegas casino.

7. Remember: Higher Denomination Slots Pay Better Than Low Denomination Slots On Max Wagers

This is certainly a mouthful to wrap your head around, but it’s a lot easier to understand than it sounds. When you go into a land-based casino, you will find penny slots machines, nickel and dime slots machines, quarter machines and $1 slot machines, just to name a few. You may think that playing maximum bets on penny slots is a good idea — it isn’t. Rather than wagering $2, $3, or $5 per spin on a penny slots game, take that money and play a single coin or two coins on a $1 slot machine game. What’s the reason for this? The higher-denominated slot machine games naturally have a much better payout ratio for players than penny slots games. This comes as somewhat of a surprise to players who feel that playing at maximum bets on any slot machine game improves their chances – not true!


Vegas is a mix of everything, from glamorous casinos to restaurants offering fine dining. Plan your trip ahead of schedule and remember the points in this article to enjoy your visit to the fullest.   

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