Artists find a way to thrive regardless of the outer economic situation, or perhaps better put, the outer moral situation. And in spite of strange and painful events that take place in the world, art seems to carry more weight in troubling times.

This is precisely the case with artist Steve Cutts. This man has been stirring up a heavy amount of talk with his stark, emotion-filled, yet simplistic, visual messages. Check out seven of his most popular pieces below.

This image is entitled “Evolution.”


Simply your daily dose.


Here’s a man walking his dog. Oh, wait…


All in a day’s work… right?


Just doing business, or is business doing something else?


The result of years of exploitation.


Who are the zombies now?


And there you have it, folks. For more of Steve Cutts’ work, check out his website.

Featured photo credit: Steve Cutts via

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