The One Question You Should Ask Yourself Every Night That Makes You A Better Mom


Do you struggle with mom guilt frequently? 

Just like most moms here, the main source of angst is my relationship with my kids. 

Do I spend enough time with them individually? Do we spend enough time together as a family? Am I too hard on them? Do I expect too much? Will they be irrevocably psychologically damaged from when I yelled at them last week for fighting with each other?

These are the questions that I do think a lot. 

It’s become clear to me that I’m just not going to have time to test the myriad of parenting techniques out there — I’m going to actualise it.

And, I’ve come up with a daily ritual that has put my mind at ease a bit about the situation. Here’s how it works:

Every night before going to bed, I ask myself one simple question for each of my children. 

By knowing that I’m going to have to answer this question before bed has really helped me come to this daily conclusion:

Find stolen moments during the day with each child.

  • Spend extra few minutes of breakfast time with my son
  • Walk my daughter to school instead of driving.
  • Play a little trick game with baby after feeding.

It’s a very small thing but it really has impacted me, and hopefully my children, greatly.

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