We tend to apologise for our mistakes because we assumed people would appreciate our politeness and good manner. However, the truth is, people like to receive appreciation and recognition for their patience and kindness more than hearing “I’m sorry” for a million time.

By looking as comics illustrated by Yao Xiao, you would realise that it’s actually better to say thank you instead of sorry in some daily situations. Making small habit change today will reward you with fruitful relationships with others.

#1 Thank them for waiting for you


#2 Thank them understanding you


#3 Thank them for their time


#4 Thank them for lending their ears


#5 Thank them for their appreciation


#6 Thank them for putting their faith in you


#7 Thank them for whatever they have done for you


Set a goal for yourself

"If a long distance relationship survives, it'll only grow stronger. So I'm going to make it work."

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