A 93-year-old grandmother Emiko has broken down all the stereotypes and become a super model on Instagram. She models her granddaughter Chinami Mori’s hand-made clothing. This Japanese style clothing adopts the technique called “Saori“, which means weave freely and promote free expression through styling and fashion.

During an interview, Mori explains that Saori clothing allows her to weave as freely as she wants! “There are no rules,” Mori explains.

Except for being amazed by how colourful her designs look, you should also take a closer look at how Emiko’s smile reveals her relationship with Mori.“She’s my favorite person in the whole world. I make grandma happy, and that’s just so much fun for me, too.” Mori says.  Emiko’s photos also remind us of the affectionate and unbreakable bondings with our grandparents.
Emoki is not just Mori’s favourite, she is everybody’s favourite now!


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