20 Totally Awkward (But Hilarious) Valentine's Day Cards


Whichever situation or stage of a relationship you are in, you’ll able to find a card that brilliantly expresses how you truly feel so you don’t have to say it face-to-face. There’s something for everyone – your bae, almost-lover, single friends, besties, mom or even your ex.

When it’s still ambiguous…

Source: PeekAOwl

For the newly attached

Source: EmilyMcdowell

For those who found love online

For those that have been together for too long…

Source: RowHouse14

For the friendzoned

For the ex

Source: StrangerDays

Send it to your BFF

Single, so what?

Source: JulieAnnArt

It gets a little geeky

If you decide to be a little cheesy. Or find more geeky designs here.

When analogies would help express it better

For those who are shy…

Source: Imgfave

Source: Sadshop

For those who are *NOT* shy!

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Featured photo credit: Kathryn Rotondovia

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